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This site was created for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement whatsoever is intended with Namek Warrior or any of its contents.

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Namek Warrior aims to be a fan shrine to the character Piccolo of the Dragonball series and its various other media incarnations.

This webpage contains storyline, character, merchandise and networking information on Piccolo as he is shown in the cartoon. The way I write about him is based on how he is interpreted and dubbed in GMA Network's Filipino version. This site also offers multimedia downloads on the series; as of the moment, we only have a rather decent image collection on hand and some midis.

The site was re-launched in its current format on 16 May 2021, with all html coded and information gathered by Shi. It is with great hope that I look forward to sharing more information, goodies and fanworks with my fellow Piccolo and Dragonball fans.