[namek warrior // v.1.in your shadow]


Uploaded :: 26 June 2016
Verse :: Dance In Your Shadow, Kula:Shaker
Tools :: Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready, Notepad

Dance In Your Shadow
by Kula:Shaker
from the Grateful When You're Dead CD Single

If you were alone
No-one would know that you were crying
If you were a dream
Nothing would seem high or low

Lie under the stars
Cradle your arms like you were dying
Oh, what would you do if it were true?

No-one was lying
Time waits by your side
Dance in your shadow

Love, treasure the time
That you are mine and I am found
Oh, what would you do if it was you?

If you were flying
Time waits by your side
Dance in your shadow

Namek Warrior's launching spread, entitled In Your Shadow, is based visually on the image of Piccolo in a relaxed and smiling stance. It is quite rare to see this particular character in such a "positive" mood that I just had to use the image for the shrine's first layout.

This design utilizes tight tables, a spliced-image navigation menu and style sheets. The overall visual scheme was based on the imagery of Piccolo's green skin blending into the shadows, hence the dominance of black and green colors and the version title. Since he is the offspring-clone of the evil Piccolo-daimao, "shadow" could also be used to describe Piccolo and the dark heritage from whence he was brought to life.

Dance In Your Shadow, the song that inspired this layout, is by the band Kula:Shaker. The track appeared in their Grateful When You're Dead CD Single, a spin-off of their successful album K.