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[piccolo] PICCOLO
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshio Furukawa
American Voice Actor/s: Scott McNeil [Seasons 1 and 2], Christopher Sabat [Seasons 3 and 4]
Race: Namek
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Skin: Green
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 200 lbs

Abilities: Bukujutsu, Chonoryoku, Chou Bakurestu Ma Ha, Energy Dan, Kousengan, Kakusanyudokodan, Kyodaika, Makankosappo, Sai Sei, Renzokou Kikou Ha, Renzoku Senkoudan, Merging, Shogekiha, Tsuihidan, Zanzoken

First appearance: Dragonball, switches sides in Dragonball Z and stays on as Gohan's "father figure" up to Dragonball GT

Piccolo is one of the characters who were originally "evil", but through a series of unexpected events, the "evil" in him was slowly washed away as he took different forms.

[piccolo sneering]

He is the sole offspring of Piccolo-daimao. When Daimao was killed by Son Goku, he vowed that his offspring "Junior" will avenge him.

Piccolo's character is not purely "evil" the way Daimao's was; he is merely focused on destroying Son Goku. Capable of regenerating body parts and manipulating his size and shape, Piccolo is a formidable fighter.